See Sylus 2020 at the 2021 Edinburgh Fringe!

"Using a mix of impressive improv with the audience and biting satirical genius, Jeff Ahern's Sylus Rothchild makes comic gold out of politicians who will literally promise anything to become president! Timely and absolutely hilarious!" - Carl Kozlowski, Pasadena Weekly

About Sylus 2020


As seen on the Gong Show!

He has written for the Tonight Show and US Weekly's Fashion Police. He has appeared on Comic View and Showtime at the Apollo!  He has done audience warm for 10 years on your favorite TV shows.  Now he is at the Hollywood Fringe with a brand new show!  Sylus 2020!  We need him now more than ever! 


Don't miss him at Acme North Hollywood!

Sylus Rothchild may be evil and grossly incompetent but he won't let stand in his way.  Enjoy this comedic farce in which Sylus takes down the entire political system.

Sylus Rothchild

At the club.


350,000 views on Tiktoc


350,000 views on TicTok!